Code Compliant Shed Extras

Please see below a list of shed optional upgrades.


1. BS3621 British Standard 5 Lever Mortice Lock incorporated in to 44mm thick timber door framing.

2. Coach Bolted Pad-Bolt with Sold Secure Padlock.

3. Rim lock.

Cycle Hoops or Anchors

1. Sheffield Cycle Hoop bolted directly to concrete base, holes are factory cut in timber shed floors so that hoop is fixed directly to concrete base.

2. Sold Secure Silver Ground Anchor, fixed either directly to concrete base or on top of the shed floor and bolted through both timber shed floor and in to concrete base.

3. SB Sheds & Fencing style bike hoop, this is either coach bolted to shed floor or bolted on top of shed floor in to concrete base.

Additional Security Options

1. Coach Bolted Door Hinges.

2. Sheds can be bolted to concrete base.

3. Ply Backed Doors.

4. Perspex Windows.